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AgriBriefing Ltd

AgriBriefing Ltd is the largest multi-platform agricultural information business in the UK. Our brands reach deeply into all the major agricultural sectors – arable, dairy, livestock, agricultural machinery, finance and equipment. We take a farmer-centric approach to media.


Our Job

Our job is to help farmers run their farms more efficiently and make better purchasing decisions. There are many ways in which we can do this – newspapers, magazines, websites, conferences, exhibitions and marketplaces.

We know Farming

AgriBriefing Ltd brands are embedded in the agricultural community and have a position of authority and trust. We are reaching deeper and further into UK farming than any other media group. Our staff have a passion for agriculture and the majority come from a farming background.

Mart’s the Heart who’s who

Sam Blacklock, Sales Executive. Worked at Farmers Guardian for four years and have been promoting shows and sales for the auction markets and breed societies for 3 years across all of the AgriBriefing Ltd portfolio. Contact Sam for information about advertising sales and other promotional activity.

Steph Ryder, Head of Commercial Sales and Development. Lives on Beef and Sheep Farm with various breeds

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