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The Mart’s the Heart Awards 2017 shortlist

Marts the Heart awardsThe Mart’s the Heart Awards highlight the vital role auctions and auctioneers play within the livestock industry and this is your opportunity to champion those within the sector you feel deserve special recognition. Nominations for Auctioneer of the Year, New Auctioneer of the Year and Auction Cafe of the Year can be nominated by anyone, or auctioneers and cafes can nominate themselves.

A panel of judges will select candidates for the Lifetime Achievement Award.

These awards aim to identify and acknowledge driven, progressive auctioneers, as well as rewarding cafes which are often the hub of farming life. Individual auctioneers and cafes can be nominated by anyone, including themselves and their customers. You can choose to enter or nominate in any number of categories, although last year’s winner of the auctioneer and new auctioneer awards cannot be nominated for the same category again.

The panel of judges will select candidates for the Lifetime Achievement Award. Each auctioneer nomination also needs to be accompanied by a short piece (maximum 400 words), explaining why you think this person or cafe is a potential winner. It does not need to be in-depth, but the more detail we have, the more convincing case each entry will have. For cafe nominations, we just require the name of the mart, but any additional information about why it is so popular would be welcome too. The awards will be presented at the British Farming Awards in October and we hope you will help us identify and reward individuals and cafes which are doing a great job for everyone in the industry.

New Auctioneer of the Year 2017 shortlist

Auction Cafe of the Year 2017 shortlist