Scotpen and Rancher

In their 200-year history, markets have been, and remain, an incredibly intrinsic part of the livestock industry.

Scotpen and Rancher are extremely proud to be supporting the Mart’s the Heart Awards for the second consecutive year, and we are delighted to be able to give proper recognition to the people at the centre of our community.
The awards were an great success last year, and now we want to help champion another group of passionate people who assist markets and their daily success.

The mart system ensures vendors get a fair and honest price for their stock, with the auction trade acting as a vital price determiner for the sector as a whole.
Nothing can beat the sense of community on market day, made even more valuable by the hard work and dedication of the people involved in them.

Scotpen and Rancher specialise in the design and manufacturing of livestock feeding, handling and weighing devices for all size and scale of system, and we abide by the motto ‘simple, safe and strong’.
Our ethos is in conjunction with the reliable and stable role auction markets play in many a livestock farmers’ business.

Mark Johnson,

Manager, Scotpen and Rancher